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We currently do not have any open position in the lab. However, please check back to this site periodically to find out if there are any research opportunities in any of the following areas:


1. Molecular signaling pathways between inflammatory chemokine receptors and T cell receptor

2. Dynamic in situ imaging of inflammatory leukocyte trafficking in vivo

3. Modulation of tumor micro-environment to enhance anti-tumor immune response

4. Immunobiology in brain tumors

5. Immunotherapy for AYA sarcomas

6. Microfluidic biology


Interested applicants with experience in cellular immunology and/or fluorescence microscopy are strongly encouraged to apply.


Interested? Please send a current Biosketch / CV to:


Alex Y. Huang, MD, PHD

WRB 6528

2103 Cornell Road

Cleveland, OH 44106-7288

(216) 368-1271

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