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Agne Petrosiute, MD

Rebecca Allison Meyer Fund for Pediatric Cancer Research St. Baldrick's Scholar
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, CWRU SOM

Dr. Agne Petrosiute received her medical training at the Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas Lithuania in June 2002.  She then underwent pediatric residency training at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio and subsequently received her clinical fellowship training in pediatric hematology / oncology at Rainbow Babies and Children’sHospital / Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. As a fellow, Dr. Petrosiute joined Dr. Alex Huang’s laboratory in 2009 with a primary research interest in pediatric brain tumor, in particular, Medulloblastoma. Dr. Petrosiute was appointed Instructor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital / Case Western School of Medicine from September 2011 to June 2014, and is now an Assistant Professor of Pediatric at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.  Dr. Petrosiute’s current research interest is in the understanding of the immune mechanisms by which CNS tumors develop and survive in vivo, with additional emphasis on the role of Cdk5 in CNS tumor pathogenesis. These mechanistic insights may provide new targets and approaches in the development of novel small-molecule and immunotherapeutic strategies against MB and other primary and secondary CNS tumors in the near future.

09/1996-06/2002  Doctor of Medicine, Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania
07/2002-07/2003  Internship, Jonava Hospital, Lithuania
08/2003-06/2005  Resident, Family Medicine, Santariskiu Clinics of Vilnius University Hospitals, Vilnius, Lithuania
07/2005-07/2008  Pediatric resident, Metrohealth Medical Center, CWRU Cleveland, OH08/2008-08/2011 Fellow, Pediatric Hematoloty-Oncology, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center / Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Cleveland, OH

1. Huang, A.Y., Haining, W.N., Barkauskas, D.S., Myers, J.T., Petrosiute, A., Garrett, A.P., Singh, K., Cooke, K.R., Kean, L.S. Viewing transplantation immunology through today's lens: new models, new imaging, and new insights. Biol. Blood Marrow Transplant. 2013; 19(1 Suppl): S44-51.

2.Petrosiute, A, Auletta, J.J., Lazarus, H.M. Achieving graft-versus-tumor effect in brain tumor patients: from autologous progenitor cell transplant to active immunotherapy. Immunotherapy. 2012; 4(11):1139-51.

3.Barkauskas, D.S., Evans, T.A., Myers, J., Petrosiute, A., Silver, J., Huang, A.Y. Extravascular CX3CR1+ Cells Extend Intravascular Dendritic Processes into Intact Central Nervous System Vessel Lumen. Micros Microanal. 2013, 19:778-790.

4. Bobanga, I.D., Petrosiute, A., Huang, A.Y. Chemokines as Cancer Vaccine Adjuvants. Vaccines. 2013, 1:444-463.

5. Myers, J.T., Petrosiute, A., Huang, A.Y. Utilization of multiphoton imaging for real-time fate determination of mesenchymal stem cells in an immunocompetent mouse model. J. Stem Cell Res Ther 2014; 4(7): 217.

6. Dorand, R.D., Barkauskas, D.S., Evans, T.A., Petrosiute, A., Huang, A.Y. Comparison of intravital thinned skull and cranial window approaches to study CNS immunobiology in the mouse cortex. IntraVital. 2014; 3:e29728.

7. Owusu-Ansah, A., Choi, S.H., Petrosiute, A., Letterio, J.J., Huang, A.Y. Triterpenoid inducers of Nrf2 signaling as a potential therapeutic agents in sickle Cell disease - a review. Frontiers of Medicine. 2015; 9(1): 46-56.

8. Dorand RD, Nthale J, Myers JT, Barkauskas DS, Avril S, Chirieleison SM, Pareek TK, Abbott DW, Stearns DS, Letterio JJ, Huang AY^, Petrosiute AY^ Cdk5 disruption attenuates tumor PD-L1 expression and promotes anti-tumor immunity. Science 2016. 353(6297): 399-403. doi:10.1126/science.aae0477. (^co-senior authors)

Funding History:
1) Rainbow Fellow's Research Award in Pediatrics (FRAP); $15,000.00 (7/1/2009-6/30/2011; P.I.)
2) Rainbow Fellow Career Development Award; $40,000.00 (6/30/2011-current; P.I.)
3) St. Baldrick's Foundation Fellowship Award; $146,359.00 (7/1/2011-6/30/2013; P.I.)
4) Hyundai Hope-on-Wheels Scholar Award; $75,000.00 (9/1/2012-current; P.I.)
5) Pediatric Pilot Research Award, $60,000.00 + CTSC Tissue Histology Core Utilization Grant, $10,000.00 (9/1/2012-12/31/2013; P.I.)
6) Department of Pediatric Career Development K12 Award (9/1/2011-8/31/2013; P.I.)
7) Alex's Lemonade Stand Innovator Award, $200,000 (7/1/2012-6/30/2013; Co-I)
8) St. Baldrick's Foundation Award Extension; $82,594  (7/1/2013-6/30/2014; P.I.)
9) Hyundai Hope-on-Wheels Hope Award; $250,000 (1/1/2015-12/31/2016)
10) CTSC Core Utilization Grant - Phosphoproteomics; $10,000 (1/1/2015-12/31/2015)
11)  Alex's Lemonade Stand Innovator Award, $250,000 (7/1/2015-6/30/2017; Co-I)
12) Hyundai Hope-on-Wheels Senior Researcher Award, $250,000 (1/1/2016-12/31/2017; Co-I
13) St. Baldrick's Foundation Scholar Award; $330,000 (7/1/2015-6/30/2018; P.I.)
14) Case Comprehensive Cancer Center P30 Pilot Grant in Molecular Oncology (4/1/2015-3/31/2016; Co-P.I.)
15) NIH / NCI R03, $100,000 (8/1/2017-7/31/2019; P.I.)
16) Case CCC Hematopoiesis & Immune Cancer Biology Pilot Grant (8/1/2017-3/31/2018; P.I.)

Editorial Board:
Journal of Brain and Spinal Cancer (2013-current)
Frontiers in Cancer Genetics (2013-current)

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